Top 10 Reasons to Shop with Essential Spirit

With Essential Spirit We Bring Essential Oils To Life. Essential Oils can work wonders when prepared and blended in the right formulation.

We also Custom Essential Oil Blends. Over the years we have customised blends for our amazing clients. We also offer ready-to-order skin care line, which is designed to deliver skin treatments and daily care essentials. 

Here are Top 10 reasons why our products will be your next best choice -

Oily Skin Serum
  1. We provide Customised Natural Oil Blend Custom Made Essential Oil, Blended and personalized for you! We custom make the most amazing organic essential oil blends for your skin and hair.
  2. In order to prepare your customised blend as per your need, we first get to know you, your concerns/queries, not only for the skin and hair but your overall health concerns. And yes, we analyse every aspect of your problem before preparing your customised blend.
  3. With Essential Spirit's Rose Water Spirit Start every day on a fresh note with pink floral aroma of Kashmiri Rose and gentle ecstasy of French
  4. Our Rose water has a tint of Lavender that leaves you hydrated the entire day. This rosewater is a perfect blend for naturally glowing skin, extracted through the most reliable steam distillation process to ensure purity and hygiene.
  5. Our products are sculpted to be a powerful mood enhancer, it's sweet aroma helps lift your spirits and calm your senses. Every time you apply it to your face, you feel relaxed and revitalised.
  6. Our Tea Tree Oil Duo is a Bomb! Essential Spirit’s Tea Tree Essential Oil is packed with powerful therapeutic properties, made from Australian Tea Tree Leaves, extracted using steam distillation process.
  7. Our essential oils are organic & premium grade essential oil – Not diluted with additives, fillers, bases or carrier oils.  This Product is not for medicinal use but has lots of therapeutic effects on the mind, body & soul.
  8. Dry Skin Serum with Rose Water exclusively blended for dry, cracked or dehydrated skin type. It provides instant moisturization and nourishment and makes the skin healthy and glowy like never before.
  9. Our serums are m unique & curative serum that restores the balance of the Skin's Natural pH and moisture. Dehydrated skin has a lack of water and dry skin has a lack of sebum. This Dry Skin Serum balances both. It regulates the function of sebaceous glands while protecting the skin from dehydration.
  10. Miraculous benefits of essential oils remain in the formulations of it and we ensure that you get a full spectrum of best personalised treatments and daily care essentials.

    "We blend essential oils and we love doing it. We are passionate about beauty with harmony. We want our customers to feel good about their skin, body and mind. We believe, our products will exceed your expectations without compromise."

    Dr. Manthan Thakkar, Founder of Essential Spirit