We Bring Essential Oils To Life

Essential Oils can work miraculously when prepared and blended in the right formulation. 

We are Custom Essential Oil Blend makers. Over the years we have customised blends for our amazing clients. 

We also offer ready-to-order skin care line, which is designed to deliver skin treatments and daily care essentials. 

Our Story

The concept for Essential Spirit started from a desire to help women and men to connect back to nature for their skin care & hair care routine. Dr. Manthan Thakkar, started as an Acupuncturist and Aromatherapist in the year 2014, quicky gained popularity among his friends and clients, when he made his own custom essential oil serums.

Dr. Manthan's serums were so effective and his friends and clients loved them so much that he decided to share them with others and hence, he formed Essential Spirit.

He combined the knowledge of our “Ayurveda” with his “Clinical Experience” to come up with recipes that are pure, natural and effective. He dedicated his time and expertise to develop some of the best skincare and treatment products and made them available to everyone through Essential Spirit.

Reconnecting with Nature

With our product range, we are trying to connect back to nature and encouraging you to make healthier choices and live a more sustainable life.


All our serums and oils are 100% natural and organic. We bring the natural beauty of nature to our products, and make sure that our products are the best they can be.

All Organic - Our Clear Choice

Our body absorbs anything that we give it, so why give it chemicals when we can cherish it with nature.

We believe you should know that all our ingredients - the flowers, plants and herbs used in our serums are grown organically and extracted by steam distillation which is a natural and the most reliable techniques for the extraction of essential oils. This is how we preserve the built-in benefits of Mother Nature, throughout our product range.

No gel, cream or butter. We use authentic carrier oils to prepare our essential oil blends.

Our Products are Vegan & Not Cruel

Last but not the least, our products are not tested on animals and the balance of the ecosystem is well taken care of. So, just to mention, all our products are vegan friendly as well.

Social responsibility heads above the rest

We understand our responsibility to serve back to the Society. We support different NGOs in India who work for the health and welfare of humanity. We spare some amount from our profit to donate to the NGOs.

We adopted Sustainable Packaging

We deliver your order in an eco-friendly packaging made of recyclable paper. Some of our products are packed in cotton bags. For majorly of our products, we use glass bottles.


"We blend essential oils and we love doing it. We are passionate about beauty with harmony. We want our customers to feel good about their skin, body and mind. We believe, our products will exceed your expectations without compromise."

Dr. Manthan Thakkar, Founder of Essential Spirit