It is best known for its hydrating properties. It has natural astringent and tissue remodelling properties. Frankincense works well to tighten the skin, reduces wrinkles and soothes chapped dry skin.


From a holistic approach to skincare, rose is used everywhere. It is not because it is easily available but because it has cell regeneration properties. It rejuvenates the skin, provides good moisture and overall builds better skin structure.


It gives a smooth texture to the skin and makes the skin healthier. It easily relieves the dryness of the skin. Because of its gentle cleansing properties, it can help promote a smooth, glowing complexion, it's also useful for reducing the appearance of blemishes, skin imperfections, and wrinkles.

Wheatgerm Oil

It is indeed an elixir for dry, cracked or dull skin type. This ingredient has ample of Vitamin A, Vitamin E and most important Vitamin D. It is Stuffed with worthwhile antioxidants properties, that helps in purifying the skin.