Tea Tree Oil

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Essential Spirit’s Tea Tree Essential Oil is packed with powerful therapeutic properties, made from Australian Tea Tree Leaves, extracted using steam distillation process. It’s organic premium grade essential oil – Not diluted with additives, fillers, bases or carrier oils.  This Product is not for medicinal use but has lots of therapeutic effects on the mind, body & soul.

Please make sure to always dilute tea tree oil before applying on Skin & Hair. This oil should only be used externally as ingesting it can lead to severe side effects.

Essential Spirit’s Tea Tree Essential Oil works magically in reducing acne & pimples and assisting skin for a soft, supple and refreshed look, promotes healthy, glowing and soft skin. It maintains overall consistency of skin tone.

It enhances hair growth, prevents hair fall, maintains the overall health of the scalp.

One of the best stress relievers and promotes relaxation. It rejuvenates mind and body.

It has Anti-Viral, Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Fungal Properties. It helps alleviate fungal infections in the body.

For Skin & Hair

Tea Tree Oil should always be diluted before applying on skin & hair. It can be diluted with a variety of carrier oils, such as coconut oil, almond oil, or olive oil.

Dilution Ratio: For every 1 to 2 drops of tea tree oil, add 12 drops of a carrier oil. Avoid using tea tree oil around eye area.

Other Uses

It can lovingly be used for Aromatherapy or Body Massage.

It reduces bad breath, when gargled with water.

Use few drops of tea tree oil with vaporiser, diffuser or oil burner to promote relaxation and relieve stress.

Dilute a few drops with water or water-based solution and spray into the air to set a mood.

It can be used as a natural insect repellent and with homemade cleaning products.

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With our roots in “Ayurveda” and at hand “Clinical Experience”, we have developed Premium Skin Care and Hair Care Oils, with all-Natural Ingredients that are Organically Grown. 

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